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Furnace Installation in Hobart

High-Efficiency Furnaces in Lake County & Porter County

The furnace is vital for comfort and safety in the freezing winter months. At Cruz Electric and Handy Services, LLC, we offer full-service furnace installation in Hobart, Lake County, and Porter County.. We have more than 17 years of experience in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, so you can rest assured that we can handle every aspect of your installation. 

If this is the year for a new furnace, call (219) 600-4919 or contact us online for more information and a free estimate. 

When to Replace a Furnace 

Furnaces remain among the most popular heating systems, especially in areas of the country with cold winters. Although a furnace provides fast, even heating for years, it will eventually need to be replaced. In addition to the age of your system, you should consider factors such as reliable performance and heating costs when making decisions about furnace replacement. 

Consider an upgrade when your furnace: 

  • Needs repeated repairs 
  • No longer heats the house enough 
  • Energy efficiency has diminished
  • Heating costs are rising 

If the furnace was there when you bought your home, you may not be sure of the system’s age. A licensed HVAC technician can conduct an inspection of your furnace to evaluate the overall condition of the equipment, identify any problems, and help you determine if it should be replaced. 

What Makes Us Different?

Benefits of Working with Our Expert Team
  • Honest Evaluations & Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Over 17 Years of Experience
  • A+ Rating by the BBB
  • Qualified Contractor with NIPSCO
  • Financing Available Through Wisetack

Professional Installation of High-Quality Furnaces 

Furnace technology has greatly increased over the years. If you have a 15 or 20-year-old furnace in your home, you will be amazed at the improvements in comfort, performance, and energy efficiency that is available with new equipment. Since your furnace will provide heat for many years into the future, choosing the right system is extremely important. 

Find the right furnace for your home when you consider:  

  • Fuel source – How do you want to power your new furnace? Furnaces are available in gas, electric, and oil models. The availability, price, and your own preference can help you make this decision.
  • Furnace type – Gas furnaces are available in single-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces. Single stage is the least expensive to install but the gas only flows at one rate. In a two-stage furnace, the flow rate can be set at either low or high. Modulating furnaces are the most energy efficient. 
  • Size – The furnace must be correctly sized for your home to provide reliable heating and optimal performance. 
  • AFUE rating – The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating indicates the energy efficiency of the furnace. For example, if the AFUE is 90%, it means that 90% of the fuel is converted to heat. A higher percentage indicates better efficiency. 

Do not underestimate the importance of professional furnace installation in Hobart. A furnace must be properly installed for reliable performance and maximum energy efficiency. If you are installing a gas furnace, professional installation is essential for safety. Qualified technicians are skilled at all aspects of furnace installation. 

“Cruz Electric was phenomenal. Their fast response time was greatly appreciated.”

Albert G.

Call for Precision Furnace Installation 

At Cruz Electric and Handy Services, LLC, we understand that new furnace installation in Hobart is a significant investment and a big decision that will affect your life for decades. Our skilled HVAC pros have extensive knowledge to guide you through the process of finding the best furnace for your home and providing expert installations. For your convenience, free estimates and financing options are available. 

Get in touch with us at (219) 600-4919 to learn more about the options for new energy-efficient furnaces. 

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