Lighting Trends To Brighten Your Home


No matter what the latest trend is, lighting has always been used to support the beauty, comfort and health of interior space. Lighting is crucial to help people work, whether it’s close-in work such as sewing or the potentially dangerous jobs that go on in factories. Here are some modern lighting trends you might want to consider.

Make Lighting the Focal Point

One lighting trend is to make the light fixture itself the focal point of the room. This can be an oversize Maria Teresa crystal chandelier or a light fixture that is so modern and funky that it’s the first thing your guests notice when they walk into the room.

Mix Styles

Mixing styles can be tricky because styles can clash. On the other hand, mixing can work if you are a bit crafty. An “atomic chandelier,” for example, might go well with ginger jar-shaped table lamps or Regency-style candlesticks. Each fixture sheds its own kind of light, from the bright white of the modern chandelier to the mellow gold electric candles to the shaded light of the lamps. This allows you to adjust your lights to establish a particular mood.

Make It Linear

Another trend is to install light fixtures that are long and narrow. This can translate as fairly simple pendant lights often installed over kitchen islands and dining room tables. Linear lights can also go in the other direction and be seen in floor lamps used to illuminate otherwise shadowy corners.

Make It Fun

There’s no reason why lighting can’t be fun. This type of lighting can be seen in neon light tubes sculpted into amusing shapes such as lips or palm trees, strings of fairy lights, colored lightbulbs, and even lava lamps.

Design for the Room

Designing lighting for a specific room is not only a good idea but also takes some of the stress out of a whole house renovation. Lighting can be installed to complement a formal bedroom, a contemporary rec room or a sweetly feminine powder room.

Call Our Professionals at Cruz Electric

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