Important Information About Your Electrical System And Holiday Decorations

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When we start to get some relief from our intense summer heat in Hobart, IN, you know that the holidays are approaching quickly. A lot of people in our area get excited about sprucing up our homes with lights and other electrical decorations. At Cruz Electric, we love this time of year, too, and we want to provide people with a few reminders so that they be safe when putting up their decorations.

Wires and Cords Aren’t Invincible

If you have even just a few strings of lights to put up, it’s likely that you have a good amount of cords to sort through. When you’re unpacking your boxes of items this fall, pay attention to the condition of your cords. Extension cords and strings of lights can get damaged for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they can get worn down from being used year after year, or they can get damaged because of how they’re stored. Small critters that are common in the Hobart, IN area could also be the culprit. Regardless of how the damage has occurred, it’s important to get rid of items that seem to have frayed cords or exposed wiring. This could cause electricity to jump from the wiring to something else. This could cause a shock or even an electrical fire.

The same can be said for the wiring in your home. There is a complex maze of wiring at your place that’s been carefully set up. Especially if you have an older home, your wiring may be vulnerable in certain locations. That’s why it can be a wise idea to have periodic inspections of your electrical system. The team at Cruz Electric can come out and see whether there is any wiring that needs to be repaired or upgraded. At the same time, we can check to see if your outlets are secure and wired properly.

Make Sure Your Electrical Panel Can Handle Everything

All the power in your home runs through your electrical panel. It has circuit breakers that can turn off electricity to certain parts of your home if there is a power spike or fluctuation. This serves as an extra safeguard. If certain circuit breakers tend to switch off often, especially after you’ve plugged in your holiday lights, you could be overloading your system, and this could pose a safety risk.

Cruz Electric can assess whether your electrical panel is set up correctly and whether your circuits need any adjustments. In Hobart, IN, there are a lot of old neighborhoods with beautiful, historic homes. Unfortunately, they may be at increased risk of electrical fires because their electrical panels might not be up to code. We can upgrade them if necessary.

Having an electrician come to your home can go a long way in terms of keeping you safe and giving you peace of mind. Call us to schedule your appointment.

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