6 Electrical Upgrades That Help Save You Money

electrical panel

You may only think about reaching out to an electrician when you have a problem, but having a professional electrician upgrade certain equipment can help you save a significant amount of money. Some electrical upgrades can even make your home safer. Learn more about six upgrades to consider for your Hobart, IN home.

1. Switch to LED Lighting

LED light bulbs use energy-efficient diode lights that use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. If you switch to LED bulbs for your light fixtures, you’ll notice a difference in your next bill. LED lighting can go almost anywhere incandescent bulbs can, and our electricians can install them quickly.

2. Add a Ceiling Fan

Installing a new ceiling fan in your living room or bedroom can help lower your cooling and heating costs in Hobart, IN. There are several designs and styles for ceiling fans, and they improve a room’s airflow. Ceiling fans keep rooms from getting stuffy in the summer, and the fan direction can be reversed in the winter to help better distribute warm air.

3. Upgrade Exhaust Fans

Adding or upgrading an exhaust fan is often overlooked, but doing so makes your home more comfortable and safer. Bathroom fans pull moisture out of the air when showering, and kitchen fans pull moisture out of the air when cooking. Exhaust fans prevent water damage and mildew growth in the room and can include heaters and lights. These fans also make it easier for your HVAC system to heat and cool your space, saving you money on your bills.

4. Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel may endanger your appliances and cost you more monthly. Modern electrical panels can handle more appliances without tripping the breakers or blowing fuses. Newer electrical panels are easier to maintain and have lower chances of causing a fire. Modern electrical panels also increase your home’s value.

5. Install Smart Outlets

The average U.S. household wastes about $165 annually on standby power because of unused plugged-in devices. That money goes to your provider, and the constant plugged-in appliances can wear out your outlets. Installing smart outlets may eliminate the extra energy consumption.

6. Install High-quality Surge Protectors

With heavy snows, frequent rainstorms, and high winds, unexpected blackouts happen in Hobart, IN. The real danger of a blackout is a power surge frying your appliances and costing you even more. A high-quality power surge protector can protect your devices from damage. While surge protection requires an upfront investment, it can keep you from having to replace expensive appliances.

You don’t have to overhaul your electrical system to upgrade your home. Do minor jobs to tweak your system and save yourself money. The smaller jobs can make your home safer and more comfortable without breaking the bank. Call us at Cruz Electric to learn more about what our electricians can do to save you money today.