How Generators Can Save The Holiday Season


How a Generator Ensures a Safe, Enjoyable Holiday Season

The holidays are a joyous time when families relax and enjoy special moments with loved ones and friends. The extra power demands from holiday lights, a Christmas tree, and other electric-powered decorations can overburden your home’s electrical system. Find out how a backup generator can keep your home adequately and safely powered and save the holidays so you can enjoy them without interruptions or worries.

A Loss of Power Can Endanger Your Family

Power outages occur during storms, extreme weather conditions, and periods of high power usage. During a power outage, an electric oven won’t work, which may leave you with a half-cooked holiday meal. Power outages and associated surges can also damage sensitive electrical gadgets and even start fires. Even worse, a family member who depends on life-sustaining oxygen or other medical equipment can be put in a life-threatening situation if there is no backup generator to restore the power immediately.

If too much electricity surges at once into an appliance, it can overheat and burn. A standby generator comes on immediately and maintains the power to prevent any outages or power surges.

Keep the Christmas Lights and Decorations Burning Bright

It’s easy to overload the circuits during the holidays since most homes were designed to handle an electric load for standard household items. As people add more modern electronic devices such as alarm systems, flat-screen TVs, gaming systems, and smart home devices, the circuits may not have enough remaining capacity to handle the electrical demands of holiday lights.

If your circuits keep tripping, that is a sign that the electrical load either needs to be redistributed to other electrical circuits or you need to draw power from a backup generator. If the lights in your home flicker when you flip the switch to turn on your holiday display, this is another sign that you are placing more demands on your home’s electric circuits than they’re meant to handle.

Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Imagine that you are having a family vacation out of town and the power goes out back home during your holiday. While a candle-lit first night back home could be fun, it would be even better if you had a generator to pick up the slack. Otherwise, upon your return from vacation, the power outage could mean stinky, spoiled food in the refrigerator and freezer and frozen pipes because your HVAC system didn’t run and keep the house warm. If your sump pump has no electric power, you might return to find a flooded basement, and if a pipe bursts, your home could sustain significant water damage.

Find the Right Generator for Your Home

Dealing with a power outage is never fun, but it’s incredibly distressing during the holidays. Adding a generator to your home can allow you to sleep at night, knowing that your family and home will not be subject to the risk and damage from power surges or outages.

Many generators are on the market, so it can be difficult to find the right one for your home and specific needs. Fortunately, professional electricians are available to help. If you are considering adding a generator to your Hobart, IN home, contact Cruz Electric & Handy Services for generator installation.

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