4 Signs Your Home Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade


Most Indiana homeowners assume their current electrical systems can support their needs indefinitely. However, like anything else, electrical systems fall behind the times or get damaged in old age, especially when tasked with supporting Indiana agricultural wiring on top of residential wiring. However, how would you know if you need a repair? Here are four signs your home needs an electrical panel upgrade in Hobart, IN.

1. Flickering Lights and Appliances

Interior residential lighting shouldn’t flicker. The outdoor lights to your farmhouse shouldn’t flicker, either.

If you notice your lights flickering, especially when you turn on other electronics, your lights may not be getting the amount of energy required to power them properly, hence the flickering on and off.

Additionally, you may notice appliances running at lower power levels than usual, possibly preventing them from performing the required task properly. In this situation, the panel can support the energy going to it, but it can’t produce the energy required by all of the electronics plugged into it.

2. Frequent Power Surges

Instead of flickering on and off or running at 50% power, you may notice your electronics turning off completely. You can restore power to the device by resetting the outlet and trying again when it has fewer items to support, or you can use a less occupied outlet.

Power surges happen when you send too much voltage to one circuit. The excess power goes rogue until protective measures known as ground wires send the extra energy into the ground (and away from you).

Large appliances, such as your HVAC unit, water heater, and refrigerator, run on 210v instead of the standard 110v or 120v. Plugging a large appliance into a standard outlet will automatically cause a power surge and potentially result in damage from overheating.

3. Insufficient Outlets

Sometimes, homeowners feel forced to use the limited amount of outlets available to them. They use extension cords and overload their system designed a couple of years before computers, smartphones, and televisions became so prominent in our everyday lives.

In reality, you should get a new outlet installation with additional support for those new outlets at the electrical panel. While upgrading, consider outlets that include USB ports or dimming capabilities to get something luxurious out of your new install.

4. Burning Smell

Electrical fires occur with disheartening frequency. Many times, people ignore the signs right in front of them, allowing the fire to happen when they could have prevented it.

One sign that you not only need an electrical panel upgrade but also have a serious electrical hazard on your hands is a burning smell coming from any part of your electrical system. The burning smell develops from heat emitting from the panel box. When the panel box gets so hot, it starts melting wires. The wires then become exposed and are more susceptible to a fire.

Electrical Upgrade in Hobart, IN

Don’t put yourself or your family at risk with an old and dangerous electrical panel. Contact Cruz Electric for electrical panel upgrade services in Hobart, IN today.

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