5 New Home Lighting Trends


You want your home to be comfortable enough for your family and stylish enough that it impresses anyone who visits. If you’re like most homeowners. though, you might decorate when you move in and rarely make any changes after. Updating your house doesn’t require a lot of money because you can take advantage of some fun trends. Check out the top lighting trends that will look great for years to come.

Natural Materials Are Hot

Natural materials are very hot right now because they let you bring a touch of the great outdoors inside. Jute is just one option. Not only is it stylish, but it also serves as a neutral to let other decor pop. You’ll also find new fixtures that use glass and wood in the coming months.

Layered Lights

Chances are good that you used this trend in the past and never knew it. Do you have a few floor lamps and table lamps in your living room as well as a ceiling light? Maybe you have table lamps and an overhead lamp in your bedroom. A popular trend involves layered lighting where you use different fixtures and lamps together.

Pendants Are Back

Pendant lights were popular for many years before they fell out of favor. Experts believe that pendants will return in the next year or so in a big way. These lamps hang from the ceiling and have fun shades and other accents. You’ll even find track lighting that includes pendant accents that work well in kitchens and dining rooms.

Hidden Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting helps you see as you come home at night. You won’t need to worry about tripping over the sidewalk or stepping on your child’s toy. Outdoor lighting often sticks out from the environment, though. A trend for the new year is hidden outdoor lighting. You can choose lights tucked inside of fake rocks that highlight your walkway or lighting that you can tuck into your eaves.

Statement Pieces

Impressing your friends and family is easy with statement lighting. These are light fixtures that immediately catch the eye. You might pick a large crystal chandelier to welcome guests into your entryway or to delight them when they sit down to eat. Bold colors and designs work equally as well. A bright red ceiling light in a funky shape hanging above your living room or family room will become the ultimate focal point.

Adding new lighting is one of the best ways to transform your home and stick to your renovation budget. The new year will bring loads of fun trends in this industry, such as layered lights and pendant designs. Reach out to Cruz Electric for more information on lighting installation in Hobart, IN and upcoming trends.

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