Learn How To Use Extension Cords Safely Today

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Those who make their homes in Hobart, IN can find it easy to enjoy the region. They can stroll the pleasant campus of Marquette Park or walk the Dune Succession Trail. When you’re at home and relaxing, though, you need to make sure all parts of your home are powered up properly. Extension cords make it easier to use the amount of electricity you want, but they can also present many potential hazards. Here’s how to keep your home safe when using your extension cords.

Avoid Overloading the Cords

Cords are not meant to be overloaded. It’s imperative to use only a handful of outlets when you’re at home and making use of them. If you have a lot of cords in your home and a lot of electronic items, you should opt to buy several extension cords and keep them on hand for use as needed. This way, you’ll have as many as you need when doing things such as giving a party for your friends at home. All of your cords should also be stored properly in a dry space when not in use.

Stick to Temporary Use

Temporary use is best when it comes to extension cords. You can use them for plans such as lighting your home well during an event. If you find yourself using them a lot, however, consider investing in additional electrical outlets in your home. That way, you’ll have all the power you need without the need for extension cords.

Remember Your Pets

Pets can be attracted to your extension cords. Many animals like to chew on things in your home. A stray electrical cord can be tempting for a new puppy. A cat can use the cord as a plaything. Bunnies also like to nibble on the cords when they are nearby.

Fortunately, protecting your pets is easier than ever. Pet-proof extension cords are on the market. Installing them is a great way to avoid harm to your adored animal companions. This means you don’t have to worry the pet’s safety when using your extension cords.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Keep in mind that extension cords are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. If you are using them indoors, you’ll want items that work with your existing outlets. Many homeowners like spending time in the outdoors during the summer. Extension cords make it easy to use all parts of your yard and show them off properly. An extension cord designed for outdoor use is one way to help light up all parts of the space and provide power all of your electrical appliances.

Extension cords can play a vitally important role in your home. Speak with our skilled electricians at Cruz Electric for more tips about using your electric cords safely today.

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